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For a lot of our crew, this journey is a stepping stone in the industry to something far greater. Read their stories below and found out more about joining 24/7 Event Crew.

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Our Crew Journey

For a lot of our crew, this journey is a stepping stone in the industry to something far greater. There have been many examples of great crew proving their excellence in the presence of tour members, managers and building bonds with those we work for. For us it’s a doubled edged sword. We have great crew that impress the team they are working with and set an example for our other crew to follow, however this leads to outside opportunities for them to travel and work for other people. Whilst we are very proud of our amazing crew, these are some standouts that have made the leap and gained outside experience. Please read their stories below.

Tom Davies – AKA Swansea Jack

Thomas Davies

“After leaving school, I went straight into Glamorgan University to study a four-year events course. During this time, I joined a local crew company called Rock City operating out of Cardiff, initially for extra money I soon became engrossed in the multiple aspects of live events Rock City crewed. Work varied from local production work during term and working as site crew on various festivals during the summer. After graduating I worked for Rock City full time, picking up a tour as set carpenter with Arcade of Fire in 2017 by a contact I picked up whilst working. 5 years later, I have covered three European tours and two world tours.

When off tour, I still work on the local crew in Cardiff and on the festivals I love. As a way in to the events industry I can’t think of a better path.”

Ethan Murt

Ethan Murt

“I headed to Cardiff in 2012 from Wrexham after completing a Music Technology course at Bangor University. I supplemented this with a further Sound Engineering Course at West Cheshire College and found myself looking for work in Cardiff.

24/7 Event Crew came up through friends and I joined the crew straight away. I was blown away with the variation of work available and concentrated my efforts from sound engineering into climbing, video and site. Over the years, I worked my way up. Cardiff International Arena became my home venue, I worked festivals during the summer, and by working hard I managed to travel with the company to Japan, Turkmenistan, Germany, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia on various projects. Through working away, I managed to secure my first American tour with Drake starting April 2023. It’s taken 10 years, but with the training and encouragement from 24/7 I’m travelling the world doing what I love best……highly recommended!”

JJ Mikinzi

JJ Mikinzi


“After leaving school, I eventually ended up at Cardiff & Vale College on a two-year course studying Music Technology. Our tutor suggested if we wanted to get some real live experience get in contact with a crewing company based in the industry, so I signed up with a couple of mates and have been working for them ever since. I managed to get trained in plant and working at height through the company, I’ve travelled to Japan for the Olympics and Saudi Arabia for Formula E and Formula 1 shows in 2021, 2022 and now in 2023. The work I do now for 24/7 Event Crew supplements my own work mixing and producing which has always been my goal. If you’re in Cardiff studying get in touch with 24/7 earn and learn!”

Dan Edwards

Dan Edwards

“I joined 24/7 Event Crew, through a friend back in 2011. I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for and just needed the extra money at the time. I got in a few shifts and realised that everyone was different, people were different and the job was different. One day I would be working on production, the next outside building marquees, corporate work in a hotel, exhibitions, TV work, then onto a festival site crew for a couple of weeks. The work initially was UK based, but after several years I became full time and had the chance to work abroad. I made good money working the summer, relaxed a little in the winter but all the time I was meeting people and making contacts which the company encouraged. Now I’m making my own way and will have completed my first world tour working video by the end of 2023 using my climbing and tech skills.

I’ll be back working with 24/7 during time off tour. I still live in Cardiff and it’s great to catch up with friends and be able to encourage others to follow in my footsteps.”

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