Our Services

We recognise every event is different and requires its own set of skills. That’s why 24/7 Event Crew have multiple distinct areas of services, Corporate & Exhibition, Production & Product, and Festivals, all backed up by our own award-winning training centre.

24/7 Event Crew are specialist suppliers of corporate and exhibition crew, who are local to South Wales and The South West with crews based in Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol and Plymouth.

Our skilled production and product crews are internally trained and led by experienced crew chiefs based in the South West and South Wales with the flexibility to cover further afield if required.

We provide experienced festival crews across the country, including site coordinators, crew chiefs, plant operators, steel teams, fence and barrier teams, signage teams and general site crew, all of which are internally trained to a high standard.

24/7 is able to supply to production and site crews across the middle east, by using our own trained local labour led by our experienced UK crew. Comprising of our trainers, team leaders and crew chiefs.